Why does hair curl at the end? | Simple Guide!

Today we will discuss, Why does hair curl at the end? There are many reasons why your hair curls at the end. The ends of your hair are the oldest part of your entire hair length. These ends go through a lot of damage and dehydration. It leads to uneven distribution of weight which makes your hair curl at the end.


The wrong hairstyle often leads to curly hair at the end. You have curly hair mostly when you have shoulder-length hair or face-framing bang or face-framing hairstyles.


Genetics is one of such factors that plays a massive role in your hair texture, type, and shape. Although, it does not directly play a major role in your hair getting curls at the end. It still plays a pivotal role.


Stress leads to an unhealthy body, which leads to unhealthy hair, hair breakage, and hair fall. More often than not, this leaves your hair curly at the ends. To protect it you can practice meditation for hair growth and by doing regular hair oiling.


If your body dealing with imbalance or if you are pregnant, then this hormonal imbalance makes your hair unmanageable, unruly, and damaged. Many women complain about hair falling during pregnancy. You should go to your doctor for better guidance and also ask them about some supplements for this issue. Usually, these supplements also help with the excessive growth of facial hair.


Diet also affects our body and hair. It can lead to severe hair loss, hair breakage, and stunted hair growth. You should use supplements, proper nutrients, vitamins for hair growth, biotin, and protein, and also add minerals for healthy, strong, smooth, and straight hair. After all these you do not face those unwanted curls at the ends. Also, check the food that you are taking that causes hair loss and that you need to stay away from.


Sudden change in climatic conditions needs a different level of hair product for the protection of hair. If you are facing a lot of humidity your hair, gets curly, frizzy, and greasy. You have to treat your hair according to its needs and requirements.

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There are many reasons why our hair curls at the end. Let us discuss them;

Humidity in the weather:

Humidity in the weather makes hair curly and frizz. It is important to well – moisturized your hair by using a deep conditioner or by applying an anti-frizz serum. most people have curls at the end because the hair becomes thinner at the end. Then they do not go straight and they become thinner. It is also because it’s a length that brushes over your shoulders, causing it to bend.

Dryness of hair:

Dryness is a big problem for the hair it also causes to occur curls dryness; dead ends of the hair are also a major cause of hair curls at the end. This is a common issue in every kind of hair, people cannot get rid of these curls.

Lack of moisturizing:

Lack of moisturizing is also a big reason for curls at the end of the hair, due to the growth of the hair, the end becomes thinner over time and they cannot remain straight. In the end, hair has lost its volume, so it cannot remain straight.


Genetics is also one of the main reasons for curly hair. It may not be a direct reason why straight hair curls at the end but it can play a role in bending the hair.

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Hormonal changes:

Your hormonal system is also a big reason for hair curling at the end. Changing in hormones can cause curls in the end, for example, deficiency of Vitamin D may be the reason behind the decline in your hair quality.

If you noticed your hair curled at the end along with thinner ends it may be a hormonal issue and needs proper attention and care. Pregnancy is also a big reason for curl in the hair at the end. The process of pregnancy changes the texture of the whole body and the hormones of hair also change their shape and size.

This change can be harmful to hair and it may get thinner and curl at the end. But these changes in the body are not forever they may be temporary and over time and after the delivery they may have come to their natural shape.

Effect of lifestyle:

Your lifestyle is also the main reason for curls at the end. Lack of necessary nutrients may also be the cause of this serious issue. Hair needs a proper diet and care. They also appropriately need vitamins. Without proper vitamins, your hair may get weaker and may be declination in its volume.

If your hair is not growing well and becoming weak it means they are not getting its diet. They need the necessary vitamins and nutrients.


Stress is also a reason for curls, when you are under stress your hair becomes weaker and thinner. Thinner and weaker hair is susceptible to changing shape and may lead to curling at the end.

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Use of below standard products:

Everyone knows the use of low-standard shampoos and hair products may damage the hair gradually. The use of cheap products may cause a decline in volume and also cause curls at the end of the hair strands.

They may dry the natural moisturizer of the hair and causes it to curl at the end. Below standard products may also change the color of your hair permanently and if you are living in a location with a dry climate this weather leads to your hair in dryness. This requires extra moisturizer for your hair.


As we discussed above, Why does hair curl at the end? There are various reasons why our hair curls at the end, a few of them we already discussed in this article. Using low-standard products makes your hair curl and also damages and dry your hair. Not only this, hormonal changes, diet, genetics, stress, etc. also makes our hair curl at the end which is a major problem in an individual.

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