What is the fastest healing part of the body? | Simple Guide!

Every individual in this world gets injured and wants to heal as soon as possible. Any part of the body may get harmed; any tissue and every disabled need some time to recover. So, our question is What is the fastest healing part of the body? Its answer is the tongue. The mouth has many organs, and all of them heal fast, but the tongue is considered one of the quicker healing parts of the mouth.

The reason why the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body:

The three reasons why the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body;

  • Regeneration of oral tissue.
  • A methodical blood supply.
  • Healing possessions of oral fluids.

Let us discuss them;

Regeneration of oral tissue:

As compared to skin, oral tissue repairs itself quickly. Tissue regeneration means the growth of the tissue if it gets damaged. It has a straightforward regeneration process and takes a short time to heal the wound.

Categories of Oral Tissue:

There are three categories of oral tissue which are;

  • Lining
  • Masticatory
  • Specialized

Mucous tissue has a simple composition and can make up of ground substance. There are three layers of skin tissue, Epidermis (the top most layer), Dermis (the middle layer), and Hypodermis (the bottom layer). Skin tissue is a layer that protects against physical injuries and lowers the effects of UV (ultraviolet) radiation.

Let us discuss a few layers of skin tissue;


The Epidermis is the peak layer of the skin tissue and works as a protective barrier. It makes new skin and replaces about 40,000 old skin cells with new ones within 30 days. The Epidermis prevents your body from germs and infections and provides skin color. Due to these reasons, the Epidermis heals an individual’s skin quickly.

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The dermis is the mean layer of the skin tissue and has collagen, a protein, and elastin, which keeps the skin flexible. It grows hair and tells you when you feel or touch something too hot or cold. It contains oil glands in it, which keeps the skin smooth. The dermis layer has blood vessels that supply nutrients to the top layer, Epidermis, for a healthy skin layer.


The hypodermis is the base layer of the skin tissue as it regulates the body temperature from getting too hot or too cold. It has connective tissues that connect muscles and bones to skin layers. Hypodermis contains cushions, muscles, and bones that the fat in this bottom layer protects the muscles and bones from injuries.

A methodical blood supply:

A methodical blood supply heals the oral cavity faster. Let us name the branches of the external carotid artery;

  • Facial
  • Maxillary
  • Lingual

These branches of the external carotid artery supply blood to the oral cavity that protects the person from injuries and heals them faster. When the blood reaches the tissues and organs of the mouth, then it heals the wound quicker; the blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the damaged part of your body so that they may function properly and heal the wound quickly. Blood vessels also keep waste and carbon dioxide from the organs and tissues.

Layers of blood vessels:

There are three layers of blood vessels which are;

  • Tunica intima
  • Media
  • Adventitia

Let us discuss them;

Tunica intima:

The inner layer regulates the blood pressure and flushes the toxins out of your body, and it smoothens the flow of blood in your body.

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The middle layer of the blood vessel consists of elastic fibers, and its function is to keep the blood flow in one direction.


The outer layer of blood vessels consists of nerves and tiny vessels. Its function is to transmit nutrients and oxygen from the blood to remove waste products from your body to function correctly.

Healing possessions of oral fluid:

Saliva contains a small protein, histatin, which heals the mouth quickly. Saliva heals a wound in numerous ways. Oral wounds heal faster than scars on skins, and saliva helps the inflammatory cells patch up the damaged site.

Enzymes that saliva contains to heal the wound:

The enzymes that saliva contains to heal wounds are;

  • Lysozyme
  • Peroxidase
  • Defensins
  • Cystatins
  • Thrombospondin

And many more.

These are both antiviral and antibacterial that heals the wound, and protease inhibitor and secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor, and these are also both antiviral and antibacterial present in saliva.

Types of Saliva:

The two types of saliva are;

  • Serous Saliva
  • Mucous Saliva

Serous Saliva:

Serous saliva is composed of zymogen and granules and is thin and watery, produced by serous cells.

Mucous Saliva:

Mucous saliva contains mucopolysaccharides and mucin, and it is thick.

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As we already discussed above, What is the fastest healing part of the body? The fastest healing part of the body is the mouth; inside the mouth, there are many organs, and the tongue is the fastest healing organ of the mouth.

An individual may get injured and always want to get healed as soon as possible. Every part of the body heals according to its required time, but if we compare the tongue with other parts of the body, then it heals the wound quickly.

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