What is a PR in Fitness? | Simple Guide!

Today we will discuss What is a PR in fitness? PR in fitness stands for a personal record, which you make by lifting different weights to stand against or challenge your competitor. PR not only means a personal record, but you can also say it is a fitness activity.

You need to set your goal and keep your mind positive to reach your destination. This article will discuss How we can test our PR (personal record) and some tips to set the new personal record.

How can you test your personal record?

First, you must prepare physically and mentally by testing your personal record. Don’t go lifting heavy weights at first and without warming up your body. Warm up your body first so that your muscles get ready for the test and can lift the heavy weights. If you have not lifted the weight you are lifting now, have your supporter help you lift the high-volume weight and give you some motivation.

If you want to record 6 to 12 reps, you do not need a longer warm-up; you need to warm up your body for about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare your muscles for the new PR. Prepare yourself mentally, and have your gym trainer with you to keep you motivated and help you make a new personal record.

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Tips for setting your new PR:

There are a few tips to set your new personal record. Let us discuss them;

  • Warm up your body:

Before making a new personal record, it is necessary to warm up your body, so your muscles prepare to lift the heavy weights. The high volume you will get from the warm-up may also help you perform the various exercises you are doing to make a new personal record.

If you are going to make a new PR of one rep, then you need to stretch your body for about 5 minutes, but make sure to warm up your body for the required time you need; otherwise, excess warming up your body may be opposite your target of new personal record.

  • Quality sleep:

Quality sleep is necessary to go for the new PR and perform well in the gym as the required amount of sleep makes our muscles strong and is also essential for the muscle’s protein synthesis.

It is necessary to have a sleep of about 7 to 9 hours at night so that you may get your body and muscles prepared for the PR. Having the required amount of sleep is essential for your muscle, helps you lose weight, and makes your mind active to perform your daily activities in a routine.

  • Well-balanced diet:

Taking care of your diet is very important for making a new personal record as your diet is based on your overall health. You need to take the required amount of protein, vitamins, fat, minerals, and carbs to maintain the health of your body, which will help you to perform better in the gym and to give your best while making a new personal record.

If you do not take enough diet and show deficiency in taking required protein, carbs, vitamins, calories, and minerals, then you are losing the fuel of your body to reach the finish line for making a new personal record. A well-balanced diet maintains your body’s weight and prepares you physically and mentally.

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  • Supplements have proven to be effective:

For making a personal record, it is necessary to have a supplement that seems to be effective and safe to use. For a PR, stronger muscles are the main thing a person can get by having adequate protein, and protein powder fulfills your protein intake and gives you more substantial muscles. According to the per pound of body weight, you must take at least 8 to 1 gram of protein.

Besides protein powder, you can also take creatine supplements as it is safe daily, gives you excellent athletic performance, helps you build your muscles, and improves your brain function. The creatine you can take in a day is about 5 grams.

Many pre-workouts supplements give you the power to make your new personal record. While taking the pre-workout supplements at night, you need to ensure that your supplements are stimulant or stimulant-free. These supplements are not necessary for every gym person to take.

  • Keep yourself positive:

Stay positive, and don’t lose hope if you fail to give your best. You can try repeatedly and keep yourself positive to achieve your goal and cross the finish line of PR. Ups and downs come in each individual’s life but staying positive is the only thing to reach your destination.

  • Set your goal:

You need to set your goal for everything you start and want to reach its destination. Start your goal by lifting low weights, then, over time, increase your volume and lift the heavy weights to get ready for PR. It is better to set your goals for about 2 to 3 months as it will help you make the best new personal record, so don’t go for long time goals. Setting your goal also gives you the motivation that, at any cost, you have to reach your destination.

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  • Doing various exercises:

To make a new PR for a specific exercise, you must perform various exercises to target that specific exercise. Please get well prepared for every specific goal.


As we discussed above, What is a pr in fitness? PR stands for a personal record in fitness. We shared in this article How we can test our personal records? First, we must be prepared physically and mentally, and it is necessary to warm up our bodies before lifting heavy weights.

In this article, we also discussed some tips to set our new personal records so that we can use several supplements to fulfill our intake of essential nutrients. We need to stay positive and set our goals to reach our destination. Not only this, but to target one specific exercise, we must perform various other exercises.

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