Is Planet Fitness a good gym? | Simple Guide!

Today, we will discuss whether Is planet fitness a good gym? Yes, planet fitness is a good gym, especially for beginners. Many people prefer to go to different gyms and used to buy expensive memberships.

A person who wants to start as a beginner, then the planet fitness gym is a good choice for them as it trains the person properly and includes all the gym equipment in it that are perfect for people who want to lose weight or gain muscles.

Does planet fitness have a tanning bed in it?

Yes, planet fitness has a free tanning bed for black card members. The few branches of planet fitness have spray tanning booths that people can use at a specific time in the day, and it also includes a membership card to use for free.

You need a PF black card membership to have all the facilities of a tanning bed, and you will get the facility of a tanning bed with t membership cards, spa facilities, and many more. Not all the branches of planet fitness need to offer a tanning bed in PF membership.

Does planet fitness gym have red-light therapy?

Yes, planet fitness has red-light therapy for people with black card membership and red-light therapy, also known as Total Body Enhancement. Red light therapy is a red light used to change the skin appearance or remove any wrinkles, scars, or acne from your body.

Many other types describe red-light therapy, such as low-level laser light therapy, soft laser therapy, cold laser therapy, etc. Red-light therapy is highly beneficial to improving wound healing, scars, acne, and facial texture and also reduces age spots, stretch marks, etc. If red-light therapy is used correctly and with an exact method, it has no side effects and is safe. It is not harsh like other skin treatments with many harsh chemicals.

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Which is the best machine at planet fitness to burn belly fat?

Elliptical trainers are the best machine at planet fitness to burn belly fat as it reduces your weight in a short period. Exercising on an elliptical trainer for 30 minutes burns about 200 to 300 calories, but it depends on your weight and how many calories you are burning in how much time.

An elliptical trainer is preferred more than walking because exercising on an elliptical machine gives you better results than walking for too long and wasting your potential and still not getting the results. It is enough to exercise for 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer to maintain your fitness and burn enough calories.

Please do not use the elliptical trainer daily as you need a rest of one day after doing it for seven to ten days. An elliptical machine is not only good for burning calories, but it is also beneficial to improve and maintain the condition of your heart, lungs, muscles, etc.

Reasons why we should avoid going to planet fitness:

There are some reasons why we should avoid going to planet fitness;

  • Planet fitness has many strange rules, and many people avoid joining planet fitness. Its strange rule is you have to control your voice while working out, and you need to turn off your Lunk alarm; when the alarm rungs in a loud voice, it becomes embarrassing for you when others listen.
  • It serves junk food in its canteen like pizza, etc. but a gym is a place where these things should be forbidden as people come to the gym to lose weight and maintain their body’s fitness. But if you eat any of this junk food from the canteen for planet fitness, you will get it instead of getting your weight.
  • Planet fitness does not have an accessible Wi-Fi facility; it has Wi-Fi charges with the membership. It is a strange rule as big organizations offer free Wi-Fi as it is an everyday need of a person.
  • It is not made for faithful workouts as there is little equipment on the planet fitness, and it is for those who want an intense workout.
  • Planet fitness does not offer all the facilities with a primary membership card. Suppose you want access to almost all the facilities of planet fitness. In that case, it is necessary to buy a black card membership which is expensive, and people avoid going to planet fitness.

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Advantages of the black membership card of planet fitness:

There are many advantages of the black membership card of planet fitness. Let us discuss them;

  • The people with a black card can get the water at half price as while working out, hydrating yourself is very important.
  • A person with a black membership card in planet fitness can use the tanning bed as much as he wants.
  • Black membership card people get a 20% discount on reebok products to upgrade the wardrobe with the new and best workout products.
  • Planet fitness black membership card people can use the massage chair anytime. After working out, a person can relax by using a massage chair.
  • With a planet fitness black card membership, you can bring your friend or relative and enjoy your workout with your buddy.
  • You can use the planet fitness black card membership in any planet fitness location, so you do not need to get the membership card every time in every branch of planet fitness


A gym is where people want to go to maintain their body’s fitness, build muscles, six packs, and lose weight. It is also where people may have to take care of their diet to control how many calories, vitamins, and nutrients they take.

As we already discussed above, Is planet fitness a good gym? Yes, it is, but there are many strange rules in planet fitness that people avoid joining planet fitness. We discussed some of the rules of planet fitness in this article that people avoid membership in planet fitness. We also shared the advantages of black card membership of planet fitness in this article as the primary card membership does not have access to all the facilities of planet fitness.

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