How to Lose 5 Percent Body Fat in 2 Weeks? | Simple Guide!

Losing weight fast is one of the biggest dreams of many people, and these kinds of questions are seen frequently, such as how to lose 5 percent of body fat in 2 weeks? Today we are going to discuss this question. Stay with us till last if you want to lose your 5 percent body fat in just 2 weeks.

Most girls in our society are more concerned with this kind of query about losing fat faster. The difference between fat loss and fat loss at record speeds is the same as driving a freeway and cruising. Which is more fun? Understanding why fat loss takes longer than expected can help you develop strategies to reach your goals.

During these two weeks, you have to take your trip seriously. You need to think of yourself as an athlete aiming for gold or an actor transforming for your next role. This means that you need to exercise intensely every day, but within 20 minutes, avoid foods that raise your blood sugar and provide you with all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you need. This gives your body a good jump start, kicks your hormones into metabolic boosts, and drives away fat faster.

Things you should do to Lose 5 Percent Body Fat in 2 Weeks:

Let’s start our two-week strategy.

Add drop sets to your exercise

You can repeatedly repeat this resistance training technique to exercise with the maximum resistance possible. Then lose weight quickly without rest and continue with more people until you fail. Run 3-4 sets and limit the assignees for each set to 6 to ensure you get the definition and strength, not the bulk.

This means that the weights starting in the first set must be heavy enough to not run more than six times without reducing the consequences. As soon as you finish one exercise, move on to the next.

Try to avoid cardio

Anyway, more extended aerobic exercise. Twenty minutes of aerobic exercise burns fat, but it also burns muscle. This is not your healthiest option. We lose about 5 percent of muscle mass every ten years as we grow older.

Studies show that we burn about 50 extra calories a day for every pound of muscle we get. Therefore, lift the weight, pull it, push it, and perform the drop set. Aerobic exercise with a short drop set workout is more efficient and effective than a traditional one-hour workout.

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Minimise your workout

Strength training after the drop set means that your workout will be pretty intense. We train for about two weeks each day, limiting your exercise to 20 minutes to avoid overtraining.

Intense but short daily training is sufficient. Sufficient between pieces of training according to the split routine program (Day 1: Legs and biceps, Day 2: Chest and triceps, Day 3: Shoulders and biceps, Day 4: Back and biceps, etc.) Take a rest for your muscles.

Lift heavyweights in your workout

Don’t worry; you don’t develop a more extensive body. It requires hours of training each day and much more testosterone than previously needed. Lifting heavy weights in a drop set workout is one of the best ways to maximize fat burning quickly without being bulky.

Avoid alcohol

I’ve heard it before, so I’d like to talk again. There is no alcohol. Most of the alcohol you drink is converted into the primary energy source for your body.

Your body uses this fuel before it uses fat. So you store fat from the fish and chips you eat because your body gets all of that energy from the beer you defeated instead. Drinking more than two glasses can stop your metabolism for three days. If you participate in a 2-week fat loss program, you have no three days to waste.

Eliminate sugar from your diet

Our bodies are supplied with carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which serve as energy sources throughout the day. Ironically, fat is what we want to shave, but eating the greasy food itself doesn’t turn it into fat. Our body uses high glycemic index (GI) and high glycemic load sugars and carbohydrates as the first energy source before it begins to burn fat.

Your flat stomach best friend is a food that keeps your blood sugar stable and does not burden you with hungry spikes or cravings. Therefore, there are no pieces of bread, flour, gluten grains, rice or potatoes. A typical breakfast maybe eggs and bacon. Salmon or shrimp with avocado for lunch, beef or bison and salad for dinner.

Plan your dinner so that you fast for two hours before bedtime. Add plenty of olive oil to get fat from the right source. Limit fruit intake to avocados during a 10-day diet. Yes, it’s a fruit. After a two-week diet, you can diversify your fruit intake by adding berries, grapefruit, and apricots.

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Drinking water

Everyone agrees that water is essential, from fat loss to muscle building, but most of us tend to forget to rehydrate. Get a good quality water bottle and rehydrate. This allows you to get going without keeping track of all the cups you drank throughout the day. Bottled sparkling wine contains extra salt, so stick to the distillery.

Intake of supplements

Sure, it’s best to get vitamins and fiber from food, but if you need an unfair advantage over the scepticism of wanting to maintain an average, you need to keep a charge. Protein shakes, and creatine is also essential when exercising to ensure progressive fat loss rather than muscle loss. Choose a low-sugar protein shake.

Drinking green tea

If you look at the nutritional plans of your body’s competitors, you’ll find that most people are crazy about green tea. The truth is that many types of tea are associated with fat loss. However, ginseng tea is the one I find most often to get rid of bloating and keep my stomach flat.

And among other health benefits, ginseng tea is an excellent tranquiliser. Ginseng (brand) is a superb product not only in taste but also in results. So I support it.


We have described the most effective strategy according to your query about how to lose 5 percent of body fat in 2 weeks. I hope that this strategy will help you in achieving your losing body fat goal.

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