How long does laser hair removal take? | Simple Guide!

The time of removing hair from the laser depends upon the area of the body. Our question is, How long Does laser hair removal take? If you want to remove your hair from a small space, it may take about 5 minutes, but if the area is large, it may take more than 30 minutes to clean it.

Many people want to remove hair from their body, so every time they need to wax, using different hair removal creams takes a lot of time. So, they prefer to go for laser treatment to remove their hair.

Can you permanently remove your hair from the laser?

Yes, you can permanently remove your hair with a laser, but it depends upon how long you need to have the treatment laser depending upon the location of your body and also in which area your hair grows faster. For normal hair, you usually need almost two to six treatments for permanent removal, and for the places where your hair grows faster, you need a repeated treatment in four to eight weeks.

Does laser hair removal treatment hurt?

This new generation invented many new technologies. Old lasers, developed before, used to hurt people’s skin and were uncomfortable to use. The new laser is faster to use, wastes less energy, and does not fit your skin. They are comfortable to use and more reliable.

For how long does the treatment of laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal treatment lasts about 12 months, but some people may get permanent hair removal by using a laser. It all depends upon the hormones as it controls the growth of hair, and the change in the hormone level may lead your hair to grow again.

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Steps of laser hair removal treatment:

There are a few steps of laser hair removal treatment. Let us discuss them;

  • Getting Ready:

First of all, when you visit and consult your doctor, he will review your medical history and will let you know if the treatment is a good option for you or not. Your doctor will tell you that waxing or using any hair removal cream before the laser treatment may damage your skin, so avoid using any hair removal product four to six weeks before.

  • Procedure:

The laser equipment will adjust according to your skin’s location and thickness. Then, it will give you protection for your eyes. When the process starts, the laser light will touch the area of your skin from where you want to remove your hair. After the process will give a lotion to you to apply on your skin so that it may reduce the risk of redness.

  • Rehabilitation:

When you suffer from redness and swelling on your skin, apply some cool compress to relieve your pain and comfort yourself, and you must avoid the sunlight as much as possible for a quick recovery.

Does the laser hair removal treatment damage your hair?

Yes, the laser hair removal treatment may damage our hair, as it contains heat energy generated by the laser. It stops the growth of hair, and if the hair grows, then the new hair grows thinner and does not grow much quicker, but there are numerous chances of permanent hair removal as your hair destroys due to the laser heat.

How many sessions can require for laser hair removal treatment?

You require 3 to 6 sessions for the laser hair removal treatment. It all depends upon the people’s needs and how much time they may get free of hair. Many people require about three sessions for laser hair removal and six sessions of treatment for optimal results. After a year, you again need these laser treatments for the maintenance of the hair of your body.

Which things must you avoid after getting the laser hair removal treatment?

The people who have done their laser hair removal treatment must prevent these things;

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid the sunlight as it must not touch your skin.
  • Do not use any leather Equipements which may affect your skin.
  • Follow the instructions of your doctor and take proper care of your skin.

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Skin suffers from redness after laser hair removal treatment:

After the treatment of laser hair removal, your skin may cause redness and may get swallowed. You may also be uncomfortable with this condition, so apply a cool compress to reduce your redness and get yourself relaxed. After some time, you will automatically consolidate all your discomfort and return to your daily routine.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal treatment:

There are various disadvantages of laser hair removal treatment. Let us discuss them;

  • You may suffer from redness and swelling.
  • Your skin may have an infection.
  • The color of your skin becomes dark or light.
  • You may also suffer from blistering.
  • You may also see changes in your skin texture.

Advantages of laser hair removal treatment:

There are various advantages of laser hair removal treatment. Let us discuss them;

  • It can easily remove unwanted hair from any part of your body.
  • It prevents you from regrowth of hair.
  • It is a quick, precise, and comfortable method.
  • It permanently removes your hair.
  • It is the less hurting method compared to other hair removal procedures.


Many people in this universe want to remove unwanted hair from their body, for which they used to apply different hair removal creams, waxing, and shaving the hair from their skin. But the people who prefer to go for laser hair removal treatment choose the best option, as it is a quick and precise method.

We already discussed above, How long does laser hair removal take? It may take about 5 minutes for a small area, but if it is large, it may take more than 30 minutes to clean the unwanted hair from your body.

There are many advantages of going through this laser treatment, but as well as, it also has many disadvantages as it may give many severe side effects to a person. Your doctor will give you the best advice for this laser hair removal treatment.

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