Does Planet Fitness have free weights? | Simple Guide!

Today we will discuss Does planet fitness have free weights? No, planet fitness does not have free weights. Planet Fitness is an excellent gym, but as we said, there are no free weights at planet fitness. It is the negativity of this gym that people avoid joining planet fitness and prefer to go to gyms with free weights, and it also has many other facilities.

Planet fitness also has many enjoyable facilities for people, like it allows their PF card members to bring one guest with them, providing them the facility of free internet, giving them off on the reebok products and drink, and many other facilities.

Which is the heaviest weight of planet fitness?

The heaviest weight of planet fitness is its dumbbell of, 80 pounds. Usually, other gyms have dumbbells of around 60 pounds, but it also depends upon the gym’s location. Lifting dumbbells benefits your health by reducing the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.

People who are overweight and want to maintain their body’s fitness must lift the dumbbells, and over time they will start losing weight. Lifting dumbbells are also perfect for your sound sleep, but on the other hand, it is more difficult to target the muscles with dumbbells compared to other machines. If you lift the dumbbells improperly, you may risk severe injuries, which may also affect the strength of your muscles.

Exercises not allowed in Planet fitness:

The exercises that are not allowed in planet fitness are;

Clean and Jerks (Olympic Weightlifting Exercises):

Clean and Jerks are the Olympic exercises when you are cleaning, and a person lifts the weight from the floor to a fixed point, and a jerk raises the weight to a stationary position.

Three types of clean Olympic weightlifting exercises:

  • Power clean exercise raises the strength and power in a body and is a weightlifter exercise that builds muscles in your upper and lower body. 
  • Hang clean is used to build muscles across your body, and it also develops the speed of your body and gives you enough strength for a good performance.
  • Continental clean is used to lift heavy weight on an axle; while doing the clean continental exercise, you must be aware of the wrist wrap and make faster transitions to improve the continent.

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Three types of jerk Olympic weightlifting exercises:

  • In split jerk, a person lifts the barbell by bending down his hips and should bend the back leg slightly. The split jerk is very helpful in building your shoulders and gives strength to your legs.
  • Power jerk: a person lifts the barbell in a squatting position, a versatile posture where all the weight of your body is on your feet.
  • A squat jerk is like or unlike a power jerk, as the person lifts the barbell in a full squatting position above their head.

Benefits of clean and jerk exercise:

The benefits of clean and jerk exercise are;

  • It brings improvement in your athletic performance.
  • It promotes your heart health and prevents you from a heart attack.
  • It also supports your mental health.
  • It helps you to maintain your balance.

Overhead press:

The overhead press is training for the upper body in which a lifter raises the barbell overhead. It increases the size of your shoulders, makes your shoulders broad, gives them strength, and increases the size of the triceps and trapezius muscles. When you do overhead press exercises, it also benefits you to perform better in other exercises. While doing an overhead press, make sure about these things;

  • Make sure to keep your hips and glutes in line with your upper body, and also ensure the stable position of your feet.
  • Keep your arms and shoulders in an accurate position. If your shoulders, arms, wrists, and elbows are not correctly positioned, you may feel difficulty doing an overhead press.
  • Press the weight in the correct path; if you do not, you may find many issues with an overhead press.
  • Line your neck and back in the correct position and keep your lower back in a neutral position. Move your neck forward at first, then lift the barbell, and after that, slightly forward it to avoid any severe issues to the neck.
  • Do not lift too much heavy weight that becomes difficult to handle. Lift lightweight to avoid any severe issues.

Cons of doing overhead press:

The disadvantages of doing overhead press are;

  • It may risk injury as lifting the barbell in a daily routine may lead to the breakdown of muscles and can also lead to muscle strains.
  • If you do the overhead press daily, you may become bored, and when you get bored, you cannot perform your best performing the overhead press.
  • If your muscles are having pain, avoid doing overhead press; otherwise, you may get your muscles damaged.

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Planet fitness has many machines that work like a T-row exercise; T-row is a back and arms exercise, so your muscles require more energy to push the cable. How can you perform the cable machine exercise that works as a T-row exercise at planet fitness?

  • First of all, sit on the cable machine with your feet resting.
  • Pull your chest out and slightly bend your knees.
  • Then, pull the handle of the cable machine towards your lower abdomen and keep your chest out.
  • At last, stretch it back while gripping the handle and repeat this process again and again.

It would be great if you had a wide grip; it must be more than your shoulders’ width to help the back muscles work better.

Benefits of T-rows exercise:

The benefits of the T-rows exercise are as under;

  • It increases the strength of your body and also increases your core strength.
  • It gives you a better posture.
  • It improves your muscular balance and also gives enough strength to your muscles.
  • It makes your upper back stronger.
  • It is a safe exercise to do and easy to learn.

Disadvantages of T-rows exercise:

The disadvantages of the T-rows exercise are as under;

  • It would be great if you had much equipment for T-rows as it needs a grip handle, cable, and many more.
  • T-row exercise has less flexibility as it performs in a neutral grip.
  • T-row exercise requires a neutral grip that is not similar to the bench press, so it had less carried over the bench press.


Planet Fitness does not have a deadlift, but there are some types of equipment at planet fitness that works as a deadlift. You can do deadlifting daily as it is a safe exercise but do not lift for so long that it may hurt your muscles. If you are a beginner, deadlift about two to three times a week.

A deadlift is a weight lifting exercise in which you lift the barbell from the floor to a standing position in different styles, and it is your choice in which style you want to perform deadlifting.

There are three phases of a deadlift and if you teach a deadlift to someone, then make sure that he must have a proper hip hinge, and if a person does not have a proper hip hinge, then he can perform a hip hinge exercise like glute bridge.

Benefits of deadlift:

The benefits of the deadlift are as below;

  • If someone has a problem with back pain, deadlifting is the best option as it reduces lower back pain.
  • Deadlifting is an effective way to activate your core.
  • Jumping is essential for athletes, so deadlifting is the best choice to learn the jumping skills properly.
  • Deadlifting improves bone mineral density as the loss of it may lead to osteoporosis.
  • Deadlift helps you to burn calories and boost your metabolism.

Disadvantages of deadlift:

The disadvantages of the deadlift are as below;

  • A deadlift is not that effective for muscle building.
  • By doing a deadlift, you may have a higher risk of injuries.
  • Deadlifting can cause pain in your strains or sprain.

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Can you bring your resistance bands to planet fitness?

Yes, you can bring your resistance bands to planet fitness, but before entering planet fitness, show them to the staff at the entrance so that they know that it is your belongings and let you enter planet fitness.

Types of resistance bands:

The three types of resistance bands are;

  • Resistance bands with handles.
  • Therapy flat resistance bands.
  • Leg and arm tube resistance bands.

Let us discuss them;

Resistance bands with handles:

Resistance bands with handles are used to build the size of muscles and also give strength to muscles. The handles are for the grip that can use to perform various exercises. It helps you lower the resistance level according to your need. Resistance bands with handles are also called compact resistance bands.

Therapy flat resistance bands:

Therapy flat resistance bands are usually found in the therapist’s offices. You can easily alter its length according to your hand size as it is wide, flat, and has a lengthy resistance band. For a person who needs training for strengthening, then therapy flat resistance bands can be the best option.

Leg and arm tube resistance bands:

Leg and arm tube resistance bands come in various shapes for the different parts of your arms and legs, like for your ankle cuffs, etc. It helps you strengthen your muscles, and you can perform various exercises using leg and arm tube resistance bands.

Advantages of resistance bands:

The various advantages of resistance bands are;

  • It helps to strengthen your muscles.
  • It is used for the activation of the core.
  • It gives you excellent mobility.
  • It brings improvement in your athletic performance.

It is advisable to go for resistance bands as it gives you many benefits and helps you to bring more improvement in your exercises. If you do not know the exact method to use the resistance bands, consult your gym trainer to teach you how to use the resistance bands.

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Does planet fitness set any limit on workouts?

No, there is no time limit at planet fitness to work out. You can work out for as long as possible; there are no time restrictions. But everyone, who wants to enjoy or use the facilities and equipment of planet fitness, must have a membership card with them. PF black card membership provides more and almost the facilities as compared to the classic membership card.

Does planet fitness provide lockers?

Yes, planet fitness provides lockers to all its members to keep their belongings, but it is strictly forbidden to use someone else’s locker, and all the members should use their lockers at their own risk.

No member can leave planet fitness if his belongings are kept in the locker; he must empty the locker first and then leave the club. A member is responsible for keeping his locker locked and bringing the lock with him. Otherwise, the planet fitness staff would not be responsible if something got missing.

Does taking photographs allowed in planet fitness?

No, taking photographs is not allowed at planet fitness. It is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones in the locker for taking pictures or other purposes; mobile phones are only allowed in the lobby area. Voice or video calls are also not allowed in planet fitness.

Taking someone’s picture without permission is against privacy and the planet’s fitness policy. You can take your picture by placing your mobile phone on the floor in a limited area. You can use headphones, ear pods, or hands-free to listen to the songs on the mobile device but cannot speak as it may disturb the peace of the other members.

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Can you bring your yoga mat to planet fitness?

Yes, you can bring your yoga mat to planet fitness but show it to the staff at the entrance of planet fitness so that he may confirm that it is your belongings. But planet fitness policies say that you must take care of your belongings by yourself, and the staff will not be responsible if something got missing.

Benefits of yoga mats:

The benefits of yoga mats are;

  • Yoga mats prevent you from slipping if your feet or hands get sweaty.
  • If you have arthritis and want to exercise, you need a yoga mat to maintain your balance.
  • By using a yoga mat, you can maintain the balance of your body for a long time.
  • The floors used to be cool and give you discomfort when exercising, so the yoga mat gives you a warm environment to exercise appropriately.

Disadvantages of yoga mats:

The disadvantages of yoga mats are;

  • The yoga mat is difficult to clean if got dirty with mud or anything else.
  • Yoga mats are difficult to carry as it consumes a lot of space.
  • You cannot recycle your yoga mat once you are done with your mat.
  • Yoga mats have a plastic smell that is allergic to some people.

What is the policy of anti-harassment at planet fitness?

Planet fitness policies are strictly related to anti-harassment. Suppose anyone harasses other or show a bad attitude. In that case, the person must complain to the staff or manager of planet fitness so they may take that action against that person, and the planet fitness team will cancel that person’s membership.

Is it allowed to bring guests to planet fitness?

Yes, guests are allowed in planet fitness but only with the members who have membership of planet fitness. And the guest will also be allowed to use any equipment of planet fitness, but only one guest is allowed, not more than that.

The guest must be 18 or above and must also have a valid photo id for the verification. It is an excellent facility for those members who want to enjoy their workout with a buddy, friend, or relative. If the visitor or lodger does not have an id card, he cannot enter planet fitness. The lodger or visitor must also follow the dress code and planet fitness rules.

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Advantages of free weights:

There are many advantages of free weights. Let us discuss them;

  • It is safe to use if a person should follow the proper technique.
  • It gives power and strength to your muscles.
  • It gives you a more excellent scope of motion.
  • Free weights improve your athletic performance.

Disadvantages of free weights:

There are many disadvantages of free weights. Let us discuss them;

  • It is dangerous and challenging to do.
  • It may risk your injury.
  • Free weights require more skills and are difficult to learn.


As we already discussed above, Does planet fitness have free weights? Planet fitness does not have free weights. It is why people avoid joining the membership of planet fitness. Free weights have many benefits, like giving you power and strength, circulation in a more fantastic range of motion, and many other benefits.

But on the other side, free weights are difficult to learn and require more skills to perform, and it may also lead to severe injuries, so be careful when using the free weights. Planet Fitness offers may provide other facilities, but for having access to all the facilities of planet fitness, PF black card membership is a must.

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