Does black hair dye fade? | Simple Guide!

You used to apply different colours to your hair as you are a fan of changing your hair colour. There are thousands of hair colours that you can use to apply to change your look. So, today our question is Does black hair dye fade? Yes, black hair dye fade.

All your looks change by applying new hair color or hairstyle, but black hair gives a shiny look to your appearance. In this article, we will share how long black hair dye last and many other things in detail, and we know that black hair dye fades depending upon various factors.

For how long does black dye last in your hair?

If you take care of your hair, then black dye lasts for about six weeks in your hair, no matter whether you had a permanent or temporary color but, if the color of your hair is light then it can last for about four weeks as the black color has more pigment concentration than other colors so it is easier to fade. If you are using a shampoo with sulfates then it is quicker to disappear the black color from your hair.

Does the permanent hair color fade?

Unfortunately, yes. The permanent hair dye fades away after 4 to 8 weeks and the reason for fading the hair color is using ordinary shampoos as it contains many harmful chemicals in it that strip away the hair color and the reason is going out in the sunshine without covering your hair or using any ultraviolet protection as using UV protection may last the color in your hair for a long time.

Is permanent hair dye damaging for your hair?

Absolutely yes. The permanent hair dye is damaging for our hair as the color weakens the inner and outer shaft of our hair. It loses the strength of your hair and also reduces the thickness of your hair. Permanent hair dye damages your hair more quickly as compared to temporary hair color. Permanent hair color may irritate your scalp but it does not have any long-term side effects.

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Is it hard to get back to black on bleached hair?

Yes, it is hard to get black on bleached hair as the bleach roughs your hair and you need to give extra care to your bleached hair. If you have done bleach of blonde color then it is harder to get your hair black.

Temporary black hair dye fade after how many washes?

Temporary black hair dye fade after about 6 to 8 washes and you will get the original and natural color of your hair without having any issues so you need not get afraid to go for the semi-permanent hair color. The main advantage of getting semi-permanent black color is you can wash them and can change the color of your hair anytime and change your look without having any issue with permanent color.

Tips to apply if you had a permanent hair color:

There are some tips an individual must adopt if he had a permanent hair colour. Let us discuss them;

  • Avoid the sunshine:

If your hair is permanently dyed then you must stay away from the sun as it is not a good approach for colour-treated hair. The sunshine dulls your hair colour so you can avoid the sunshine by covering your head with a hat or anything else that contains ultraviolet protection.

  • Try to reduce the use of shampoo:

Try to reduce the use of shampoo, the more you wash your hair the more quickly it will fade your hair colour. Maintain a gap of one day so that the colour may last in your hair for a long time and avoid reducing the use of shampoo as it contains many harsh chemicals in it.

  • Use a shampoo for colour-treated hair:

Using a safe shampoo for colour-treated hair helps the colour to stay in your hair for a long time. Applying hair colour damages or dries your hair so using colour-safe shampoos moisture your hair and prevents them from damaging or getting dry. Using the right shampoo will not only prevent your hair from damaging but also saves you money.

  • Selecting the right hair colour:

Selecting the right color is the most important thing as the lighter color fades quickly as compared to the darker ones. Apply dark color to your hair so that it may stay for a long time in your hair and does not fade quickly.

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Advantages of hair dye:

There are numerous advantages of hair dye. Let us discuss them;

  • If you buy your dye products and apply the whole procedure at home, then it is affordable to dye your hair.
  • Its procedure is too easy to apply to your hair and the complete instructions used to be written on the product.
  • Your hair looks vibrant and interesting after dying.
  • If you are having weak hair then a temporary hair color gives strength to your hair
  • Dying your hair may protect your hair from pollution, wind, and heat.
  • Temporary or permanent hair color is very beneficial for dying grey strands.

Disadvantages of hair dye:

There are numerous disadvantages of dying your hair. Let us discuss them;

  • Hair color damages your hair as it contains ammonia and many harsh chemicals in it.
  • You may cause allergies and the common one is paraphenylenediamine.
  • Using hair color irritates your scalp as it contains harmful chemicals in it.
  • Avoid using hair color during periods and pregnancy as it is dangerous.
  • Dying your hair may lead to asthma and cancer.
  • It makes your hair dry; causes hair fall and also damages the roots of your hair.

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We already discussed above, Does black hair dye fade? Black hair dye fades due to many different reasons which we already shared in this article along with the advantages and disadvantages of dying your hair. Dying your hair is affordable if you apply the procedure at home and it also strengthens your weak hair.

Whether your hair is temporary or permanently colored it fades after 4 to 8 weeks. People change their hair color to look more vibrant and interesting but dying your hair makes your hair dry, you may suffer from a severe allergy or asthma, and may also lead to cancer, especially avoid using hair colors during pregnancy or periods.

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