Can you use baby oil to stretch your Ears? | Simple Guide!

Today, in this article, we will discuss. Can you use baby oil to stretch your ears? Yes, it is acceptable to use baby oil to pull ears, but it also depends on your skin’s sensitivity. There are thousands of lotions, oils and many products available in the market that are good and bad for your skin, every product has its advantages and disadvantages, and it all depends upon how sensitive your skin is. People use to try skin care products that which product suits them and which does not, which is harmful and which is not.

The oil we can use to stretch our ears:

There are many oils available that we can use to extend our ears. Let us discuss some of them;

  • Coconut Oil:

Vitamin E is present in the coconut that is very helpful for your skin to moisturize and boost the nutrients. You can use the coconut oil before going to sleep as you prefer to use night creams for a glow and as a moisturizer. Coconut oil improves the health of your skin and face as it contains entirely fatty acids and contributes to a good diet.

There are many further types of coconut oil like virgin, unrefined, refined, hydrogenated, organic RBD coconut oil, etc. If you apply coconut oil to your ears, then it will reduce the chance of tears and also gives you healthy skin. Conversely, coconut oil may lead to diarrhoea and other severe problems.

  • Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba Oil contains vitamin E, A, B complex and D and essential minerals that are healthy for a good diet and skin. Jojoba oil is very beneficial for moisturizing dry skin, softening your rough cuticles, and contains many antibacterial properties. Jojoba oil contains a high amount of iodine that is very useful for applying at night.

Using Jojoba oil on your skin gives you a glow and clean skin, free from spots. You can get rid of your makeup by using Jojoba oil, so it is preferred to use Jojoba oil instead of washing your face with harsh soaps and using different creams to remove makeup. Jojoba oil benefits your skin moisturizes your hair and helps in hair growth. But, excess Jojoba oil may lead to rashes and other allergic reactions.

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  • Olive Oil:

Olive oil has many vitamins but is rich in vitamins K and E, which have many powerful health benefits. Using olive oil lowers the risk of various cancer and many cardiovascular diseases. You must drink olive oil regularly as it maintains your sugar level and benefits your bones and heart.

Olive oil is excellent for your skin and helps your hair by making it solid and moist. You don’t need a conditioner by using olive oil, which makes your scalp oily. About 14 to 17 per cent of olive oil contains saturated fat.

Things you must know when stretching the earlobes:

There are a few steps you need to remember when stretching the earlobes. Let us discuss them;

  • You must know the exact method to stretch your earlobes; otherwise, you may suffer from severe pain. If you do not see how to stretch your ears, it is better to consult a specialist.
  • If your ears stretch, try to avoid wearing heavy jewellery, but you can go for smaller earrings that are not heavy. It is often forbidden to wear any jewellery to heal the ears properly.
  • If your ears are bleeding from stretching too rapidly, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Avoid stretching your ears with the gold jewellery; after your ears heal appropriately, you can quickly wear the gold without any issue. As compared to gold, brass jewellery is best to wear.

Glass is the best way to stretch your ears, but you must be careful while stretching your ears with glass as it can easily break. If you can’t perform this carefully, it is better to go for a specialist.

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Advantages of using baby oil:

The numerous benefits of baby oil are;

  • Baby oil is best to prevent the babies from diaper rash as with rashes, and the baby remains uncomfortable.
  • Applying baby oil to your skin makes your skin glowing.
  • It is the best oil to massage your body, giving you great pleasure and comfort.
  • We can also use baby oil to remove makeup without affecting your skin.
  • Using baby oil on your skin moisturizes your skin, so it is preferable to use baby oil as a moisturizer instead of other moisturizing products.
  • Baby oil is beneficial for your hair as it smoothens your hair and also prevents them from damaging.

Disadvantages of using baby oil:

The several disadvantages of using baby oil are;

  • Applying baby oil to your hair may irritate your scalp, and you may feel discomfort, and it also depends upon your skin’s sensitivity.
  • Using baby oil more than required may damage and greasy your hair.
  • Baby oil may cause acne and can also block your skin pores.
  • You may suffer from allergic reactions to applying baby oil, such as tightness on your chest, etc.
  • Applying baby oil to your neck may tighten your throat, and you may also have breathing problems.
  • Excess to baby oil may cause swelling on your lips, mouth and other body parts.

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As discussed above, Can you use baby oil to stretch your ears? You can use baby oil to stretch your ears, but you must be careful about all the procedures. Suppose you are unaware of the exact method of stretching your ears. In that case, it is necessary to consult a specialist because stretching your ears without knowing the process may cause severe allergies and lead to pain.

There are thousands of oil products available in the market that people use to moisturize their skin, but some skins are sensitive or not; some products suit the skin of some people, and some do not. So, choose the right product for your skin. Every oil has its advantages and disadvantages, and we discussed some of the ear stretching oils in this article.

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