Can you deadlift at Planet Fitness? | Simple Guide!

We will discuss Can you deadlift at planet fitness? Unfortunately, we cannot deadlift at planet fitness, but fortunately, you can deadlift at planet fitness; it is confusing, by the way. But there are no deadlift jacks, bumper plates, pulling blocks, etc, and these items are unavailable in any planet fitness location.

Therefore, many avoid going to planet fitness as these items are unavailable. Still, due to the other facilities of planet fitness, they prefer to be a member of planet fitness. Therefore, this article will discuss deadlifts, common types, and their advantages.

About deadlift:

A deadlift is a compound weight training exercise with three phases and various styles. It depends upon the person whose style he chooses to perform a deadlift; he can do the deadlift by lifting heavy weights, which includes dumbbells with heavy plates or barbells etc., and a person has to lift the weight from the ground to the stationary position. If a person is going for a deadlift, a tight cloth is used for it as it stores your energy and gives you extra boosts.

Common types of deadlifts:

There are many types of deadlifts, but the most common types of deadlifts are;

Conventional deadlifting:

Conventional deadlifting can do with dumbbells or barbells and many other exercises. Every trainer will suggest you go for the three phases of the conventional deadlift as it is easier to carry or exercise with dumbbells. The first phase of the conventional deadlift is correctly positioning yourself so that the barbell touches your lower leg.

The second phase is to lift the barbell by using the lower part of your body, and the third and last phase is to take a pause and squeeze your glutes. Conventional deadlifting is much harder to do as compared to sumo deadlifting which we are going to discuss next.

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Sumo deadlifting:

Sumo deadlifting is more straightforward to perform than conventional deadlifting. The function of sumo deadlift is to target the other muscles groups, and in sumo deadlifting, you have to lift more weight, but it is to be kept in mind that you must start lifting the weight slowly; raising all the weight at once may hurt you, and you may get damage in any part of your body.

In addition, you must wear the deadlift shoes for stability to lift the heavy weights so that you may have the proper grip and ensure that you have all the items of the heavy weightlifting.

Romanian deadlifting:

In Romanian deadlifting, you do not need to carry heavy weights like conventional and sumo deadlifts; less weight use. It strengthens your posterior chain muscles and activates all your muscle groups.

The Romanian deadlift exercise always starts in a standing position, and it is hard to do as you have to change the direction of your legs and back. For people suffering from lower back pain, Romanian deadlifting is the best option and choice for them.

Advantages of deadlift:

There are various advantages of the deadlift. Let us discuss them;

Training your hips extensors:

Hip extensor exercises are suitable for the gluteus, and you can do the hip extensor exercise on the stability ball, etc. If you are a starter, then glute bridges are the best exercise for the learners of hip extensors. Doing the hip extensor exercise improves your athletic performance, reduces the risk of strain on your back, and has many other benefits.

However, weak hip extensors may risk hip pain, and you will find difficulty walking or climbing and different regular activities in your routine. So, training your hip extensors is essential to prevent yourself from severe pains.

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Gives you a weight loss:

Deadlifting helps you to burn your calories which allows you to lose weight. If anyone wants to gain muscles, then deadlifting, a compound exercise, is very good for muscle growth and gives you the strength to complete your daily tasks without feeling lazy or dull.

You can quickly burn many calories in a given time, and it also helps you increase or boost your metabolism. As you are burning your calories, you are raising your metabolism, and deadlifting is the most efficient way to burn your calories and lose your extra weight to maintain the fitness of your body.

Reduces your lower back pain:

Most people have the problem of lower back pain and used to try different medicines to reduce their hurt; instead of trying different medications that contain chemicals or other effective ingredients, they must do the deadlifting.

Deadlifting is a compound exercise that is essential and effective in reducing your lower back pain. There are many other treatments to reduce your lower back pain, but that may be risky; you must go for a deadlift to relieve your lower back pain, but you also need to be careful while doing the deadlift exercises.

Brings improvement in your jumping:

Every athlete wants to improve their jumping performance, as jumping is the primary key. If any athlete or an average person wants to improve his jumping performance, then a deadlift is the best for them. Jumping improves your cardiovascular health, increases your circulation of oxygen, and it also increases your sense of vitality.

The main benefit of jumping is that it does not require any equipment or anything that may be risky to perform, but while jumping, you must be careful as it stretches your body parts, and you may suffer from severe pains. You can improve your jumping skills by deadlifting, the best strength-training exercise.

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We already discussed above that Can you deadlift at planet fitness? You can or cannot; the answer to this question is confusing. But the deadlift has many advantages, like it trains your hip extensors, improves your jumping skills, reduces your lower back pain, helps you in weight loss, and all these advantages of a deadlift we already shared in this article in detail. We also discussed the types of deadlifts, but there are many types of deadlifts, and we only discussed the most common ones.

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