Can you bleach your hair twice in one day? | Simple Guide!

Today, we will discuss Can you bleach your hair twice in one day? Yes, but it is not safe to bleach your hair twice in one day as it contains many harsh chemicals in it. You must be careful about the precautions before using the bleach for the second time in one and you must use bleach once in 24 hours.

Bleach is not only used for hair but it is also used to kill bacteria and fungi. The commonly used bleaching agents are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. We will share everything regarding bleaching your hair whether it is safe or not, along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Can you bleach your hair again the very next day?

Yes, you can bleach your hair again the next day in a row but it is recommended to maintain a gap of a few days as bleaching is unsafe for your hair and you may suffer from hair fall and may have irritation on your scalp. So, maintain a gap of two to three days to avoid irritation and for a good result. If you want healthy hair then maintain a gap of one or two weeks so that you may not see any breakage in your hair.

For how long do you need to wait before the second bleaching?

If your hair is healthy, then you need to wait for about two weeks and if you are having damaged hair, then you have to wait for about one month to go for the second bleaching. In this period of one week and one month, you must avoid the sunlight, cold, hair care products, etc. During this period, your hair needs hydration and needs to stay protected from environmental and mechanical stressors.

Things you need when bleaching your hair:

The things you need when bleaching your hair are;

  • You need a bleach of your own choice that what product or bleach brand you want to apply to your hair.
  • Old T-shirt so that the new one may not get strains of bleach or any color on it.
  • Old towel to clean any strain and also to clean your bleached hair.
  • Hair clips, when you make sections of your hair then it will help you to pin up the rest of the sections that you are not applying bleach on.
  • You need shampoo to wash your bleached hair.

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The process to bleach your hair:

Let us discuss the process to bleach your hair;

  • First of all, make sections of your hair so that the colour or any product you are using may apply neatly and also apply the bleach to the smaller segments within every section you made.
  • After that, while applying bleach, maintain a gap of 1 inch from your scalp. After applying the bleach to each section, apply the bleach to the roots of your hair.
  • Then, leave your hair for about 20 to 45 minutes (the time would be according to which product you are using) for good results.
  • At last, after the time finishes, wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly.

Advantages of bleaching hair:

Let us discuss some advantages of bleaching your hair are;

  • Easily lighten up your hair:

To bleach, your hair is the easiest way to lighten up your hair. It is best for those people who are having dark hair colour or platinum blonde hair. It does not matter what hair colour you have, but bleaching your hair lightens up your hair. It is also a convenient way to change the darker colour of your hair to the colour of your own choice.

  • Bleaching is faster than DIY colours:

There is different hair colour available in the market which also includes DIY colours but bleaching your hair gives you better, more effective and quicker results than DIY colours. People with dark hair colour find bleaching more effective as DIY colour does not lighten up your hair and also does not give a better result to your hair.

  • Gives a good transition colour:

Bleaching your hair gives you a good transition of color whether you want to dye your hair red or purple. It gives you a great retouch and makes your look interesting. So apply bleach to your hair for a good transition color of your hair.

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Disadvantages of bleaching hair:

Let us discuss some disadvantages of bleaching your hair;

  • Damages your hair:

Bleaching damages your hair as it contains many harsh chemicals in it. If you are having weak hair, then you should avoid using bleach on your weak hair. Bleaching not only damages your hair but also makes your hair look dry and rough. It is a hard procedure that burns your hair.

  • Repeat process for darker hair:

People with dark hair need to repeat the process of bleaching to remove their naturally dark colours and add new ones of their own choice. The dark roots start showing when the hair grows. It takes more than 45 minutes for darker hair people to discolour their natural hair colour and add a new one.

  • Consult a specialist to bleach your hair:

It is necessary to consult a specialist to bleach your hair if you don’t know the exact method of bleaching your hair. Bleaching needs to be done carefully, must apply one inch away from your scalp as if the bleach touches your root, you may have hair fall and may feel irritation on your scalp.

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We already discussed above Can you bleach your hair twice in one day? You can bleach your hair twice in one day, but it is unsafe as bleaching contains many harmful chemicals in it that may damage your hair, and you may also have hair loss.

Bleaching is the most effective and faster way to lighten up your hair and is considered best for naturally dark hair colour people. It also gives you a good transition of colours, but on the other side, it may also damage your hair.

One thing you must keep in mind is that, if you do not know the method of applying bleach to your hair then do not do this by yourself, you must consult a specialist for this, and once you bleach your hair then for the second time, healthy hair people should maintain a gap of one week for the second time and weak hair people must maintain a gap of one month.

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