Can you bleach wet hair? | Simple Guide!

There is a question, Can you bleach wet hair? The answer is Yes. Yes, you can bleach your damp hair, but it also damages your hair. It is difficult to bleach your wet hair instead of dry one, and you will also not get a strong result by bleaching wet hairs. There are various new hairstyle trends, and numerous highlighters and colors are available to apply to hair.

How can you bleach your wet hair?

People use to bleach their hair to change the color of fur; it is also risky, so consult a professional who can bleach your hair safely. If you do not know how to bleach your hair yourself, then do not do this; it may lead to hair fall and damage your hair. Bleaching can be done by raising the pigmentation of your strands, ready to add a new color to your hairs.

For how long can you leave the bleach on your wet hairs?

You can leave the bleach on your wet hairs for about 30 minutes to get good results and lighter shades as long as you leave it on bleach as soon as it damages your follicles. There are proper methods and ways to bleach your hair which only professionals can do better.

Can you bleach your hair only with powder?

The answer is no. We cannot bleach our hair with only powder, and it is compulsory to mix with the developer for good results. Mixing bleach powder with a developer in several amounts gives a faster color and more promising results.

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How long can you bleach the roots of your wet hair?

If you want to lighten up and add some blonde color at the end of your hair, then you can bleach the roots of your wet hair for about 10 to 15 minutes. As we discussed, bleaching for more time could lead to hair damage. The less you bleach your hair, the gentler the results will be.

Things to do when bleaching your wet hair:

There are a little few things that you must do when you decide to whiten your wet hair;

  • First of all, do a patch test whether you like the color or not.
  • Go for a quality toner that avoids the brassy tones.
  • Apply conditioner to your hair before and after the process.
  • Always prefer to use purple shampoo.
  • Keep your hair open so that it may not get heated.
  • If you blow dry your hair, then always use a heated shelter.

Reasons for bleaching wet hairs:

There are a few reasons for bleaching your wet hairs, but the most common ones are;

  • Wet hair lightens faster:

If you desire to lighten up your hair faster, you must bleach your wet hair instead of bleaching dry hair.

  • To get an acceptable color change:

If you want a subtle color change, you must apply bleach to wet hairs, and this is the most acceptable formula if you want to lift your strands with one or two shades. But it would be best to remember that applying bleach on wet hairs will not raise your strands as bleaching dry coats do.

  • For brightening up the ends of your hair:

When you highlight your dry hairs, which helps the foils process, wash the bleach from your strands to brighten up the ends of your hairs, and apply a little bit more bleach at the end.

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Can you bleach your wet hair at home?

Yes, you can bleach your wet hair at home, but it is compulsory that you must have proper training and must do a beautician course. If you do not know the exact formula and process for applying bleach to your wet and dry hairs, it is better to make an appointment with a salon.

Pros of bleaching wet hairs:

There are many benefits of bleaching wet hair; let us discuss them;

  • It is less likely to experience scalp irritation.
  • It gives a little bit faster result.
  • It is less like to contact with your skin.
  • It provides soft hair color.
  • It brightens up the ends of your hair.

Cons of bleaching wet hairs:

There are many disadvantages of bleaching wet hairs. Let us discuss them;

  • It damages your hair.
  • You may experience a severe hair fall.
  • It is laborious to control the intensity of bleach.
  • It removes the natural oil from your hair.
  • Your hair can lead to dryness.

Things we must be careful of while bleaching wet hairs:

There are numerous things we must be aware of while bleaching wet coats. Let us discuss them;

  • Avoid the products which contain alcohol in them.
  • Start applying bleach from the tip to the roots.
  • After bleaching, cover the locks with the shower cap and leave it for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • After washing your hair, dry the strands.

Why is it better to bleach wet hairs?

It is better to bleach your wet hairs because it gives you frizz-free strands, which protect your hair’s cortex and the follicles from drying out. Another reason is that it gives you softer hair color, and many specialists use this technique to give two lighter hair colors. It is better to bleach your wet hairs as it provides a quick lightening of strands, so you do not need to wait a long time to get the results.


As we already discussed above, Can you bleach wet hair? Yes, we can bleach wet hairs. There are many advantages of bleaching wet hairs, but if something has some benefits, on the other hand, it also has some disadvantages.

Many highlighters and hair colors are available, so before applying any color to your hair, it is mandatory to bleach the original color of your hair. It is not compulsory to bleach your wet hairs, you can also apply bleach on dry hairs, but bleaching wet coats gives you better and quicker results. You must consult a colorist for this process; otherwise, you may experience hair fall, hair damage, dryness, and breakage of hairs.

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